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Radiation Safety Cases

Image Wisely® is pleased to present our free series of online and mobile-compatible educational offerings for the imaging professional team. Radiation safety case content includes embedded questions that allow you to assess your understanding of important radiation safety concepts. Each question provides expert feedback as well as references and resources for further study.

Throughout the year, the IW radiation safety case will offer similar short lessons on radiation safety topics, providing opportunities to expand your knowledge, reduce radiation dose to you and your patients, and earn continuing education credits as you do so. Continuing education credit for radiologists, imaging technologists and medical physicists is available after successfully completing a brief post-instruction quiz and evaluation survey.

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Most Recent

Case 11: Image Wisely During CT-guided Procedures in Pregnant Patients

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Appropriate imaging and management of pregnant patients with acute appendicitis is critical to decrease the risks to the mother and fetus. This case discusses how to decrease patient and fetal dose while safely performing a procedure by applying several dose reduction methods.

Previous Cases

Case 10 (special edition): Child-sizing CT Dose: Optimizing Patient Care Through Quality Improvement – Pediatric and Adult Imaging

Developed by Image Gently® and designed to provide practical explanations of some of the newer technologies and terminology in CT scans, this case reviews quality improvement as it relates to the performance of CT imaging. It discusses radiation risk and the relationship of image quality to patient dose.

Case 9: Balancing Image Quality and Radiation Dose in Cardiac CT Angiography

Explains how cardiac CTA scan parameters affect radiation dose exposure and image quality and illustrates techniques to modify scan acquisition and image post-processing to improve this balance in cardiac CTA.

Case 8: C-arm Based Cone Beam CT in Interventional Radiology

Explains the basic concepts of C-arm based cone-beam CT and discusses the differences in determining patient radiation dose between cone-beam CT and multi-detector CT.

Case 7: Patient Skin Dose with Interventional Fluoroscopy: Metrics, C-Arm Geometry and Spectral Filtration

Emphasizes awareness of skin dose during interventional fluoroscopy, use of metrics, C-arm geometry and special filtration to optimize dose.

Case 6: Optimizing Radiation Use During a Difficult IVC Filter Retrieval

Emphasizes the importance of contingency planning and other factors influencing the amount of radiation needed to meet the patient's needs.

Case 5: Imaging Wisely When Evaluating for Pulmonary Embolism

Explains doses to patients and their impacted organs from CT and V/Q scans in the evaluation of pulmonary embolism.

Case 4: Technical Errors and Image Quality in Digital Radiography

Describes strategies to identify and correct technical errors to improve image quality and reduce dose in digital radiography.

Case 3: CT Brain Perfusion Dose Optimization

Describes basic scanning protocols and dose considerations in CT brain perfusion.

Case 2: Dose Management in Endovascular Image-Guided Neuro-Interventions

Describes the effective use of collimation and region of interest imaging to reduce dose during fluoroscopy.

Case 1: CT Dose and Size-Specific Dose Estimate (SSDE)

Explains common CT dose terms along with their proper usage and limitations.

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