Image Wisely, a joint initiative of ACR, RSNA, ASRT and AAPM,
provides information to the medical community to promote safety in medical imaging.

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Resources for Patients and Referring Practitioners

For Patients

As a patient, you may have concerns about the imaging procedures prescribed for you. How much medical radiation is too much? What are the benefits of CT scans? Does my age or gender affect my risk? What are the risks? For answers to these questions and more, visit the following links on the website:

For pediatric radiation safety information, visit

Concerned about radiation?
Before you receive a medical imaging exam, ask your doctor these important safety questions:

  • How will this exam improve my care?
  • Are there alternative imaging exams that don't use radiation?


For Referring Practitioners

Referring physicians and other health care providers need reliable information to help manage their patients’ imaging needs. Consulting with your radiologist colleagues can help you and your patients make informed imaging decisions.

In addition, please use the resources below for medical information that addresses imaging-related questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What imaging exam should be ordered?

Q: What are considerations for imaging pregnant patients?

Q: What are considerations for imaging children?

Q: What are considerations for patients that require periodic imaging?

Q: When are ultrasound and MR imaging appropriate?

Q: When are low dose screening exams appropriate?

Q: What is an ACR Accredited Imaging Facility?

Q: What are the benefits and risks of radiation used in diagnostic imaging?

Additional resources

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