Terms and Conditions

Image Wisely® Trademark/Service Terms of Use
The American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), acting on behalf of the Committee on Adult Radiation Protection and Image Wisely, authorize certain facilities, associations and educational institutions (Pledgers) to use the trademark/service mark, featuring the year of their pledge (the “MARK”), in connection with their participation in the Image Wisely program.

Facilities, associations and educational institutions may use the Mark only for educational purposes and to indicate their participation and support of the Image Wisely goal of radiation safety in adult medical imaging. They may not use the Mark to convey an express or implied endorsement of goods or services of any specific medical device manufacturer.

The authorization is royalty-free, non-exclusive and not transferable except as noted, and extends throughout the United States.

Alteration of the Mark
Pledgers must use the Mark as the ACR and RSNA provide it. Pledgers may not alter or modify the Mark, or combine the Mark with another trademark/service mark.

End of Authorization
The authorization is good only during the calendar year in which the pledge was made or until the authorized Pledger acts contrary to any of these terms. When the authorization ends, the Pledger shall immediately discontinue all use of the Mark and confusingly similar marks, including on the Internet, and destroy all printed materials bearing the Mark.