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General Radiation Safety Online Resources

Priscilla F. Butler, MS, FACR, American College of Radiology, Reston, VA
Updated July 2018


There are many excellent websites with accurate information on radiation and safety. Some are specific to medical imaging; others are more general but are also useful for the medical imaging professional. The following is a partial list of such websites. These links are provided for your information and do not imply endorsement by Image Wisely®, the ACR or the RSNA. Links are accurate as of the date of this update.


Radiation Safety – The ACR web page provides recommendations and resources, including current ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards, designed to assist in providing effective imaging and therapy while minimizing the potential risk during exposure to ionizing radiation. – This public information website, developed and funded by the RSNA and the ACR, was established to inform and educate the public about radiologic procedures.

Image Gently® - The Image Gently Alliance is a coalition of health care organizations dedicated to providing safe, high-quality pediatric imaging worldwide. The alliance developed this website to raise awareness in the imaging community of the need to adjust radiation dose when imaging children.

Radiation Answers - This site from the Health Physics Society offers a range of useful information for both technologists and patients, including answers to questions about radiation, its sources, uses, myths and more.

Radiation Protection – The Environmental Radiation Protection Agency website provides both technical and general information on radiation protection.

Radiation and Your Health – The Centers for Disease Control website provides basic information about radiation, its health effects and the role radiation plays in everyday life.

Radiation Protection – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission provides basic information about radiation and its health effects along with a slide presentation and a compendium of frequently asked questions.

Radiation Protection of Patients – The International Atomic Energy Agency website provides educational material for health professionals, patients and the public on the safe and effective use of radiation in medicine, in both English and Spanish.

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