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Dose Exhibits

This curated series from the 2017 annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America highlights a selection of education exhibits dealing with radiation safety and patient dose.

Real-time Management of Patient Radiation Dose during Interventional Radiology

Authors: K. Chida, Y. Inaba, M. Kato, Y. Morishima, M. Nakamura, M. Zuguchi | November 19, 2018

Radiation Dose Reduction with Low Tube Voltage and Iterative Reconstruction for Pediatric CT

Authors: N. Meyersohn; B. Ghoshhajra; U. Hoffmann | September 10, 2018

CT Dose Reduction Strategies in CT Urography

Authors: SB Park, J Kotoku, ES Lee, K Shiraishi, HJ Park, JB Lee, BI Choi | August 09, 2018

Visualize Skin Dose and Air Dose in Virtual Reality

Authors: T. Takata, J. Kotoku, T. Kobayashi, K. Shiraishi, M. Yamamoto, H. Kondo, H. Oba, S. Furui | July 12, 2018

Organ-based Tube-current Modulation Applied on Different MDCT Scanners: Reduction in the Radiation Dose to the Eye Lens at Head CT

Authors: N. Kitera, C. Fujioka, K. Yokomachi, M. Kiguchi, E. Nishimaru, K. Awai | September 08, 2017

A Comprehensive CT Radiation Dose Reduction and Protocol Standardization Program in a Complex Tertiary Hospital System

Authors: P. Rajiah, J. Guild, T. Browning, S. Toomay, V. Venkataraman, O.K. Oz, A. Whittemore, L. Ananthakrishnan, A. Chhabra, S Kalva, S. Abbara | April 14, 2017

Whole Body CT Protocol for Trauma: Review of Arm Positioning with Emphasis on Image Quality and Radiation Dose

Authors: A.A. Lemos, R. Brambilla, V. R. Tatko, M.C. Firetto, L. Gentile, C. Sorge, P. Biondetti | March 27, 2017

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