2016 RSNA Annual Meeting Radiation Dose Exhibits

This curated series from the most recent annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America highlights a selection of education exhibits dealing with radiation safety and patient dose. New exhibits are added monthly. 

Radiation Dose Exhibits from the 2015 RSNA Annual Meeting may be viewed here »

Mar. 27, 2017 — Whole Body CT Protocol for Trauma: Review of Arm Positioning with Emphasis on Image Quality and Radiation Dose (from RSNA 2016)
The authors review the influence of different arm positioning on image quality and radiation dose at whole-body CT for trauma and discuss optimal strategies to minimize beam hardening artifacts and reduce radiation dose when a patient’s arm cannot be moved up.
A.A. Lemos, R. Brambilla, V. R. Tatko, M.C. Firetto, L. Gentile, C. Sorge, P. Biondetti