This Month's RSNA Radiation Dose Exhibit

September 22, 2017 — A Continuous Quality Improvement Process to Reduce Excessive CT Radiation Dose Events across a Large, Multi-institutional Academic Center (from RSNA 2016)
Organ-based tube current modulation (OB-TCM) reduces the radiation dose to the lens of the eye during head CT by decreasing tube current when the x-ray tube passes over the anterior surface of the organ. CT scanners from three different manufactures with the OB-TCM feature are examined in this exhibit.
Authors: N. Kitera, C. Fujioka, K. Yokomachi, M. Kiguchi, E. Nishimaru, K. Awai

RSNA Annual Meeting Radiation Dose Exhibits

This curated series from the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America highlights a selection of education exhibits dealing with radiation safety and patient dose. New exhibits are added monthly.

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