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September 10, 2018

New RSNA Dose Exhibit: Radiation Dose Reduction for Pediatric CT


Radiation Dose Reduction with Low Tube Voltage and Iterative Reconstruction for Pediatric CT (from RSNA 2017)
For radiosensitive pediatric and young population, it is advisable to optimize the acquisition parameters of CT scan to achieve the diagnostically acceptable image quality at the lowest radiation dose. Low tube voltage scan and iterative reconstruction (IR) algorithm are well suited and recommended techniques for radiation dose reduction. This article describes the utility of low tube voltage combined with IR and its effect on the image quality and radiation dose in different clinical indications for pediatric CT.
Authors: Y Nagayama, T Nakaura, S Oda, A Tsuji, J Urata, M furusawa, S Tanoue, Y Yamashita

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