The Joint Commission’s 2014 Requirements for Training in Image Gently® and Image Wisely®

May 2014 Update: The Joint Commission has postponed implementation of their new diagnostic imaging requirements that were intended to be effective July 1, 2014. Now, the goal is to implement revised standards by July 2015, which will allow for the release of a comprehensive set of requirements, rather than partial sets during 2014 and 2015. Learn More

The Joint Commission’s Revised Requirements for Diagnostic Imaging Services that go into effect July 1, 2014, specify that the organization “verifies and documents that radiologic technologists who perform CT examinations participate in ongoing education that includes annual training on radiation dose reduction techniques, Image Gently®, and Image Wisely®.”

There is considerable educational information regarding dose reduction techniques on both the Image Gently and Image Wisely websites.

For example, please check out the Image Wisely Radiation Safety Cases (which provide free continuing education credits for technologists, radiologists and medical physicists).

Also check out the free continuing education via the Image Gently and ACR websites:

Fluoroscopy Imaging - Pause and Pulse Resources
Child-sizing CT Dose: Optimizing Patient Care through Quality Improvement
Image Gently and CT Scans Online Education Modules

On both these websites, there is considerably more information, but not all offer continuing education. We encourage you to explore. After your staff review this information and put this knowledge into practice, we encourage them to take the pledge.

If you have questions about what specifically is required by the Joint Commission, please contact them directly.