EPA Updates Guidance for Federal X-Ray Facilities

The federal Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to revise 1976 Federal Guidance Report No. 9. The updated information became available in January 2015 when EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy signed Federal Guidance Report No. 14: Radiation Protection Guidance for Diagnostic and Interventional X-Ray Procedures (FGR-14).

FGR-14 includes facility guidance for radiography, CT, interventional fluoroscopy and bone densitometry and covers important matters such as radiation shielding, training and credentialing. Some key aspects include:

  • Agencies should promote the development of national diagnostic reference levels for use as quality assurance and quality improvement tools in each type of examination
  • Facilities should use the dose information from individual patient imaging procedures that is provided by imaging equipment as part of the quality assurance program for identifying opportunities to reduce dose
  • Facilities should ensure that advances in techniques and technology that reduce radiation dose are used and used properly
  • Facilities should establish infrastructure for collecting, storing, reporting and analyzing dosimetry data from patient examinations

While FGR-14 is not binding on any federal agency or facility, incorporating the best practices defined in it will improve the safety of diagnostic and interventional imaging. Private sector imaging facilities will also find the information useful.

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