13,000 Professionals Pledge to Image Wisely® in First Two Weeks of 2017

Jan. 19, 2017 — If you were wondering why the Image Wisely® pledge counter dropped from over 50,000 in December to 0 on January 1, 2017, it’s because Image Wisely converted its pledge from a once-in-a-lifetime event to an annual renewal beginning in 2016. This means that all pledges that the campaign received before December 31, 2016, expired at midnight on that date. All individual, facility, and association/educational program pledges were removed from the books, the counter was reset, and the honor rolls for facilities and associations/educational programs were erased.

The two primary reasons for this conversion were to stimulate interest in visiting the Image Wisely website and to provide those who pledge with a dated certificate which can be used as tangible evidence of their awareness of and commitment to Image Wisely. The regularly updated features on the home page include a news section which offers headlines regarding radiation safety and Image Wisely campaign items; a “What We’re Reading” section with links to newly available articles; and a section on regulations and standards updates. These features provide continuous, new and interesting content for our users when they come to pledge and keep them coming back.

Visitors will find other popular features are worthwhile resources, such:

  • Radiation Safety Case, an educational activity with free continuing education credits available
  • Radiation safety exhibits from the RSNA annual meeting
  • Recently modified content for CT, Nuclear Medicine, and Fluoroscopy 

In early January, the campaign sent an e-mail reminder to everyone who had pledged before the end of 2016. The reminder explained what was happening and provided links to the website and the pledges. The response was immense, with approximately 13,000 individual, 60 association or educational program, and 600 facility pledges in the first two weeks. Information on pledging is also available on the websites of the ACR, RSNA, AAPM, and ASRT websites.

If you haven’t pledged yet, we encourage you to join 13,000 of your colleagues and do so.

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